What's included in this course?

✔️ Learn how to read Irish independently

✔️ A-Z Irish language pronunciation e-book: 25 pages with 100+ new words

✔️ PDF (15 pages) with all the notes for the classes

✔️Learn words and phrases you can use everyday

✔️ Learn how to use the verb 'to be' in past, present & future tense

✔️ Learn the days of the week in Irish

✔️ Learn the colors in Irish

✔️ Learn 2 poems in Irish

✔️ Dictation / Translation Exercises

✔️ Interactive quizzes

✔️ Revision quizzes throughout the course

✔️ Learn 15+ '-ing' words

✔️ Learn seanfhocail / proverbs in Irish

✔️ 10 conversations

✔️ Learn about Irish language resources

✔️ Join our Gaeilge WhatsApp group with other learners

✔️ Join a monthly conversation circle on Zoom

Bain taitneamh agus tairbhe as! - Enjoy it and benefit from it!


What dialect of Irish is this course?

I am from Gaeltacht Mhúscraí in Munster so my Irish is influenced by Munster Irish

When can I access this course?

After payment, you can access this course whenever you like, any time!